what if marlene walked in on a very "busy" ren and silas




(they’re not “busy” but…. yeah)


Does Silas Like Kristof?? what is they relationship like? hnnngg they are so adorable!! i must see both together again ;W;

they’re coming along surprisingly well, Kristofer has this weird respect for Silas, since he’s the mayor (but secretly thinks he would be better as a mayor himself).


also someone asked about what Kristof thinks of Silas’s crossdressing eheh



i dont want to offend u by using the wrong pronouns but would u prefer they/them pronouns or should i just do she

both are fine really ahah don’t worry about offending me with that stuff since I don’t really care much. 

((it would be so much easier if there would be only one word for he/she, like in finnish we have only hän ugh))

im so confused, are you a boy or a girl?? :) your art is sooo good!

my gender is irrelevant but if you must you can refer me as she.

your favorite acnl blog?




these guys are cool


Pretty picnic area in Mablerok

Morgan’s Visit to Mablerok


I decided to visit Mablerok because I am bored and I had their blog open so ;w;

short adventure under read more v

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What I’m giving away:

  • 711 Series
  • All Golden Tools


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  • No giveaway blogs please and thank.
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  • Gotta have ACNL and willing to share your FC
  • Ends next friday April 18th, 2014!!!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me right here! Good luck everyone!!!


alright you guys !

I`m sorry for making so many text posts lately, but I`m going to just have to get this over with so I can fix up my town again. I have to TT out Blanche so that I can TT Cobb out, but I`ll have to replace Blanche with someone so a random villager doesn`t move in, as I`ll only have eight villagers after Cobb leaves.

So I`m looking to adopt or purchase ( gosh I hate that word for villager trading ) any of the following villagers :

  • gayle the normal crocodile
  • molly the normal duck
  • freya the snooty wolf
  • chief the cranky wolf
  • avery the cranky eagle
  • lucky the lazy dog

I`m so sorry, it`s somewhat urgent, so I`d need the villager to be able to move out either today or tomorrow, since I`d really just like to get this mistake over and done with.

Obviously I can offer either Blanche or Cobb ( even though I can`t see why anyone would want him ) in return, but I can also offer bells, hybrids, carnations, furniture sets, etc in return.

Please, please, either reblog this or send me a message if you can trade any of those, I`m so sorry you guys I just really need to get this over with.


I bought Animal Crossing: NL today because of your fabulous blog! I'm no longer afraid to "weird" people out by having my main character be a boy despite myself being a girl :)

aaahh! I really hope you enjoy the game! and oh gosh.. that should never be “weird” to choose a different gender in a video game! I usually pick the male trainer in pokemon games too ahah