i think the anon meant the game's standard of a perfect town. You need about 10 public works projects, no trash on the ground, many MANY trees and flowers planted. also, i don't think you can have weeds either, so try to get rid off those. I suggest checking bidoofcrossing,tumblr,com, they have a lot of good guides for acnl.

they said “not just to the acnl “perfect” standards” so I assumed they did not mean that, but if they did here it is.

so i'm kinda new at acnl.... how do you get a perfect town? not just to the acnl "perfect" standards, but... how do you make it look really nice? do you think bushes look nice along side your paths? thanks so much ^-^

Aaaahh I don’t know if I’m the right person to ask this, there are so many more beautiful towns than mine;; But paths make a big difference already on their own! And bushes well placed! And you can do so many things with flowers and bublic work projects! Maybe you should find some dream addresses and visit pretty towns and get inspired!


// i imagine all cranky villagers as piss angry pyromaniacs

I remember when my baby lolly moved out, she was one of my main villagers and i almost stopped playing and reset my town until i got her back. I recently got her back thanks to getting her out of my void and she moved in right next to me. That is my ACNL story

That’s a very cute story ;w; I’m glad you were reunited

Are you currently playing ACNL? Sometimes I draw ACNL-related things even while my town's deleted, so I was wondering if you were doing that.

Yes! I still play it, but the last time I played it was few weeks ago since I’ve been so busy with things;;;

I really want to open the game again but I need to timetravel so much to make sure no-one is moving I’m gonna cry…. 

Oh poor Kristof..

Hi! if you're still doing the color thing, can you do Merengue in 4 or 18? btw I really love your doodles and your town


gross cutie

hey!! do you by any chance have a colored doodle/screenshot of silas that we could maybe use as reference?? id really like to draw him and i looked through his tag but couldnt find any pics that i could use ahh,,

I don’t, but I made this!

There is his normal outfit! I’m not good with references and I’m really not picky how you draw him! ;w; You can draw him wearing any sort of dress or anything really! I love seeing other peoples versions of him~

So I was looking at your blog (which is amazing by the way) and now I'm a little confused. Is the Mayor with the blue hair your mayor? Or do you draw someone else's? (This is kind of a dumb question, sorry) also I Mablerox your town?

Yes, he’s my mayor and Mablerok is my town! 

I miss you and your art. Please come back to us!

AAAHH I miss you guys much much, I promise I will get more active again!